Shanxi Ya Xin Energy Organization Inc (hereafter referred to as Shanxi Ya Xin Organization) was established in 1994. The headquarter is set in Taiyuan City, Shanxi, China. Coal Chemicals, High-tech Materials and Cultural Tourism are three main parts. Besides, related industries like Logistics and Trade, Coal Cleaning are also bone parts of this diversified conglomerate. Specific business covers mining of raw coal, cleaned coal,  coke, coal gas, coal chemical, combined heat and power generation, continuous basalt fiber, metallurgy, new building materials, centralized heating, green agriculture, ecological tourism, hotel management, import & export trading, railway transportation, road transportation, etc.. Ya Xin is a key supplier of gas in Taiyuan City, a main supply base of domestic clean coke, and a major enterprise in coking industry amidst the merging and reorganization trade.


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Floor 22 and 23, Block A, Sunshine International Business Center, Changzhi Road, Taiyuan


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