Basalt fiber short cut yarn.

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Basalt fiber short cut yarn.

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Basalt fiber short cut yarn is made of continuous basalt fiber raw silk. The fibers are coated with (silane) infiltrates. Therefore, basalt fiber short cut yarn is the preferred material for reinforcing resin, and it is also the best material to enhance concrete.
[product introduction]
Basalt fiber short cut yarn is made of continuous basalt fiber raw silk. The fibers are coated with (silane) infiltrates. Therefore, basalt fiber short cut yarn is the preferred material for enhancing thermoplastic resin, and it is also the best material for reinforced concrete. Basalt is a kind of high performance volcanic rock component, this special silicate, makes basalt fiber has excellent chemical resistance, especially has the advantage of alkali resistance. Therefore, basalt fiber is an excellent material for enhancing cement concrete instead of polypropylene (PP) and polypropylene (PAN). It is also an alternative to polyester fiber, lignocellulose and other products used in asphalt concrete, which can improve the high temperature stability, low temperature crack resistance and fatigue resistance of asphalt concrete. The chopped basalt fibers suitable for asphalt hoof fat gravel mixture (SMA), open gradation asphalt macadam mixture (OGFC) and dense gradation asphalt concrete (AC), half gradation asphalt concrete pavement, the casting type asphalt concrete, etc. Various kinds of asphalt concrete pavement. It is suitable for road pavement, deck pavement, tunnel paving, overpass and municipal highway. The effect of the modified asphalt concrete with short cut fiber is mainly:
1. Increase the consumption of asphalt and reduce the pan-oil;
2. Increase the dynamic stability, improve the anti-rutting performance of high temperature and resist fatigue failure;
3. Improve the anti-temperature stress ability, reduce the generation of temperature shrinkage cracks, and improve the performance of low-temperature crack resistance;
4. Improve the resistance of asphalt pavement to early water damage;
5. Improve the cohesion of the mixture;
6. It is conducive to improving the production efficiency and economic efficiency of construction projects.
[application example]
1. It is suitable for reinforcing resin, which is a good material for making lamellar mould plastic (SMC), block molded plastic (BMC), and mass moulding plastic (DMC).
2. Suitable for reinforcing materials used in automobile, train and ship shells.
3. It is the preferred material for reinforced concrete and asphaltic concrete, which is used for the anti-seepage and crack resistance of hydropower DAMS and the reinforcement of the service life of the road.
4. It can be used for condensing tower of thermal power plant and steam cement pipe of nuclear power plant.
5. Used for high-temperature needling felt: automobile sound absorption, hot rolled steel, aluminum tube and so on.
                              [technical index of basalt fiber short cut yarn]


Single fiber diameter(μm)

Length (mm)
(can be customized according to user's requirements)

Type of infiltrator

The water content(%)




The silane 


















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