Basalt fiber packing.

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Basalt fiber packing.

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Basalt fibers are made from impregnated graphite, rubber or polytetrafluoroethylene. Is mainly used for pump, valve and pipe joint sealing material, prevent chemical leakage of gas, liquid, especially for some of the high temperature and high pressure liquid, gas and acid and alkali corrosive liquid and gas, basalt fiber packing is high performance sealing materials. The main products have various round ropes and square ropes.
[application example]
1. High temperature, high-pressure furnace, tank, cauldron and other furnace door, cover plate, manhole, hand hole;
2. Used for dynamic sealing materials with compressibility, high resilience and low friction coefficient;
3. Good performance of acid, alkali and salt in the parts and components of transmission corrosive medium.
4. The basalt fiber rope formed by the twisting of the wuyan yarn is characterized by high strength, small elongation, excellent heat resistance and excellent insulation. By weaving a protective covering on polyester, polyester or polytetrafluoroethylene and rubber surface, the problem of wear-resisting is solved. It can be used for binding motor winding, deep well hoisting protection rope, etc.
[technical indicators]
[technical index of basalt fiber packing]


Side length(mm)

Organic content(%)

The density of(g/m3)

The coefficient of friction

Resilient rate(%)














Other specifications can be submitted according to the user.


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