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ADD:Floor 22 and 23, Block A, Sunshine International Business Center, Changzhi Road, Taiyuan
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Run Dong Hotel Management

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Run Dong Hotel Management was established in May of 2011. The building was located at a core economic ring of Taiyuan, Nan-zhong-huan avenue, featuring in excellent location and convenient traffic. It is near to Taiyuan Nan Station to the east, has a driving distance of 15 min to Wu-xu Airport, and borders construction zone to the north. 
As a business hotel, Run Dong supplies coordinated services of accommodation, catering, conference, tea ceremony. 182 suites of rooms are available here. 80 people can hold a meeting at one time. In catering part, cafeteria, tea restaurant and deluxe room in total number of 6 are usable. We can hold over 300 people at dining time. Number of parking plot here is 150. The warm, classic interior and fine decoration can support your business banquet, tourist lodging, or leisure rest.
To provide a customer-oriented experience service, the hotel side is always working on meeting demands from customers and employees. There is faith here that the most sincere service is the only way to catering customers and a personalized service supplied by our staff is stepping stone to positive relationship between the hotel and clients.
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